About us

We had the idea of creating a website about resignation letters to help other people to write their own. The first thing one will do before writing his or her letter is search on the web for examples and maybe, free templates. That is exactly the people we wanted to help with providing free and easily modifiable files that you can download.

All this in a clear, easy to navigate website. Most websites on the web with content like this are jammed and packed with publicity and weird links. Yes, we have publicity on our website, but you can clearly identify them. All the rest of the website is dedicated to resignation letters.

Thank you for visiting our website. You visit is most welcome and that sole thing gives us the opportunity to provide you with even more letter examples, samples and templates very single day.

This said, we hope that you will find the best job for your needs. Writing a resignation letter is not the end of something, it’s a new beginning that we hope will be for the best.

Wish you all the luck you deserve.

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