Another free resignation letter sample

When you are employed Under an indefinite  time contract, it can be broken by you(resignation) or by the employer(fired). There are no precise rules when it comes to resign. This said, it can be given orally or by a letter. But the second method is the best one to use. Using a letter will result in a clear action and all informations included in it will make your decision precise. Remember that you don’t have to say why you are leaving in that letter.

Here is another free letter of resignation that you can use for Template to write your very own.

First Lastname
Street Address
Postal Code, City

Mr. Name
Street Address
Postal Code, City

City, Date

Subject: Resignation
Registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt

Dear Boss,

With this letter, I inform you of my decision to leave the position of [Replace with title] I have held since [Replace with date], in your business.

As noted in the collective agreement applicable to our business, I will respect a notice of termination for a period of [Number of weeks or months].
The end of my contract will be effective on [Date].

At that time, I will ask you to give me the balance of my account and a certificate of service.

Please accept, Madam, Sir, my respectful greetings.

Your Signature


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