Letter of resignation by email

So you’ve found your dream job and have accepted an offer from another employer. Congratulations! The time has come to think about how to prepare for your new role.
But there is one other thing to do. Since you already have a job, you have to tell your superiors. The way you will do it can have a big influence on your future Relationship with your current boss.

For example, it is possible that in a few years, you need a positive reference letter from your boss or current colleagues. Or you have a good Relationship with your collegues and would like to preserve it for the future.


Prepare your message

When you leave your job, you can contribute positively to your professional reputation. This is not the time to settle things with your boss or make accusations against colleagues. Take this opportunity to thank your current employer and explain briefly the reason that prompted you to pursue your career elsewhere.

To: (indicate the email address of your boss)

Subject: Letter of resignation

Sir or Madam (name of your boss),

This letter is to inform you that I am resigning  from my position with (name of your current employer) today. To ease the transition for you and the entire team, I would be happy to stay two more weeks and offer you my collaboration.

My departure is due to the fact that I found a new job closer to home and in an industry where I want to gain more experience.

I enjoyed the years I have worked with you. The company and you were always there for me and will miss you all.

I hope the two weeks notice that I give you today shows you my good faith. I think you and I should meet as soon as possible to discuss the best possible use of the two weeks I have left to do here.


Your Signature

Spread the message

For respect to your boss, wait for him to read your letter before you start telling everyone at work that you leave the company. If the company is large and has its own Human Resourcesgive them a copy of the letter you sent to your boss. This way, Human Resources can begin to process the forms and maintain the payroll process if your boss decides to keep you for the notice period.

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