Resignation letter for a PC (permanent contracts)

Nothing is said in the law that you must provide an official letter to resign from a permanent position. You could do it orally. But it remains that it’s highly advisable to use such a letter which will formalize the process. In addition, it will eliminate any ambiguity.

Writing a resignation letter will also give you the opportunity to think about your decision. The time spent on writing will prevent you from taking it on a whim. Sometimes, maybe just think about the wordswill demonstrate that you do not really want to quit your job.

This said, if a job is already waiting for you in another company, write your letter at lightning speed cause you want to get there as soon as possible.

The following example is very simple, clear, and get directly to the details of your resignation.

Thank to you for visiting our website while searching for precious help for writing your original letter to resign from this job you have right now.


Click on the following link to download the free ms word Template of this permanent contract resignation letter:

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