Resignation letter for part time job

So, you’ve been to that part time job for some time now but you don’t really like it? Or maybe you’ve find a full time job that better suits your needs?

It’s time for you to write your very own resignation letter for leaving your part time job.

A part time job resignation letter is really like any other resign letters… all you have to include in it is that you ARE leaving and when you will do it. That’s it. Everything else that you can add is really just… not really necessary words.


Here is an example that you could write in your very own letter:


Today’s date

Your Name


City, State

Your Boss Name


City, State

Resignation letter

Mr, Mme My Boss,

As the result of our recent conversation, I give you this letter as my resignation from the job I occupied since the [date].

I will leave my function permanently on the [date] in the morning.

Thank you very much for the job opportunity you gave me, but since I’ve find a full time job, I have to leave this one now.

Yours sincerely,

Your Signature

Your Name

You can download the free ms word template of this letter by clicking on the next link:

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