Resignation letter template

It’s a very good idea to start your letter of resignation with a template. Take it, copy paste it and modify it with all your information.

You can go ahead and use one of our templates for all your personal and professional needs.

The resignation letter is a letter that unilaterally terminates an employment contract.
You usually need to send this letter by registered mail or, better yet, directly by hand. Some will even send their resignation letter by email, this is not recommended unless it’s the only option you have. Take it as last resort.

This must be clear and precise. You must add all the information necessary for the successful completion of your job: include your date of official departure, if you will notice a time period or not, information about your employer, date and signature.
I personally prefer to use the Times New Roman font to make my official letters. It is an easy to read and are recognized.

Here is an example of a resignation letter template that you could use to make your very own document. Yet, you can take it as is and only modify the information with your very own.


March 2nd, 2020, New York


  1. Henry Samson

Company Inc.

123 on the Street

New York (NY)


Your Name

123 Employee Street

New York (NY)



Subject: Resignation


Mr. Samson,


Hereby, I wish to inform you of my decision to resign from my position of machinist engineer at Company Inc. I have held since 9 April 2017.


I accepted a position in another company and I start tomorrow. This is why it will be impossible for me to run the notice period of three months provided for in the employment contract.


My resignation will be effective from April 10th, 2020 at 8 AM. Kindly prepare the necessary documents to my termination.


Please accept the assurances of my most distinguished sentiments.


Your Signature

Your Name


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