Simple letter of resignation

Here is a very simple letter of resignation sample. It doesn’t contains lots of information but it’s enough for your employer to take note of your decision.

Resignation letter sample

Your Boss Name

Street Address

01234 Postal Code

Day of week, The 12 / 12 / 2014

Dear Boss,

I inform you of my intention to resign as [Your function], which I hold since [Date].

Although my notice period normally lead me to leave the company on [date], I would like the effective date of my resignation advanced at a day to be discussed beforehand.

Pending your response, please accept, Madam, Sir, all my respect.

Your Signature


Tips to be followed with the sending of a letter of resignation

When to send the resignation letter?

It is recommended to send the resignation letter when you know exactly at what date you want to leave your job. You can send it my paper letter or by email. But remember to always send it with acknowledgment of receipt. Some collective agreements provide détails of shape, especially when the employee must comply with a notice period.

Who to send his resignation letter?

It is advisable to send your letter of resignation to a manager, the human resources department of the company or the CEO.

What information in a letter of resignation?

You must add essential informations like the date your resignation takes effect. Will it be the date you send your letter or are you giving a notice period to your boss?

Legally, you don’t have to give reasons for your departure in your letter. Thi said, nothing in the labor law tells you how to write a resignation letter.


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