So, you are ready to resign?

You’ve think a lot about it and now, it’s time, you really want to resign from your job? You can’t take it anymore and you want to do it now.

You’ve come to the right place.

First, you could take a look at our Eight good reasons to resign to make sure you are taking the right decision. If that’s the case, and still want to resign, you can write your own resignation letter using a few rules and practical writing tips.

If you don’t really know what form to use and you are really looking for samples and/or templates, you have found the right place. We created a wide selection of letters for you to use to create your very own. All you have to do is download the .DOC word template and modify the informations in it. It can’t get more simple than this.

Go ahead and take a look at all resignation letters templates we made for you… and it’s free.