Very simple resignation letter

In this article you can take a look at a very simple letter of resignation. All you have to do is download it, open it in your favorite text formating software and replace the spaces with your own informations.

You can use this letter for all your personnal and professionnal needs. Just click on the download link at the end of this presentation.

Using a letter when resigning is very important. It lets you tell clearly that you leave your job and this without ambiguity.

Don’t tell personnal feelings in your letter, it’s very important to keep it direct and clear with the minimum information.

Just write that you are leaving and when you will do it. If you leave right away, tell it in your letter. Or specify the date you will leave if you give a notice period of time.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that this will help you find a better way in your life.

Just take a look at this image for an idea of what is in this file:


Click on the following link to download the ms word file version of this simple resignation letter:

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