What to say… and not to say in a resignation letter

A resignation letter should contain some informations, but some should not be there! Beware of odd, because written words remain.

You cannot say bad things and what you really think in that letter. All human resources experts consulted are categorical about this: it’s not appropriate to be making complants or criticise the employer, colleagues or the company. Whatever the circumstances, sobriety and compliance are the essentials. Why? Because the labor market is smaller than we think and we may, in a near future, have to work with a former colleague or boss. It is also important to remain on good terms in order to get the right credentials needed in a future job.

This letter should be brief, two or three paragraphs are enough. For a smooth start, it merely states that the resignation will be effective on such date. Sometimes determined with the comployer cause they often need a notice period of time before you are gone.

To end the employment relationship on a positive note it may also indicate that we have enjoyed working within the company and list the positive things that we have learned from his time in the business.

Here is an example, template and sample that you can use to create your very own document. You can download the ms word format file by clicking on the link at the end of this article.

We wish you all the luck needed to find the job of your dreams. Remember that resigning is a new beginning.


Click on the following link to download the ms word format file of this letter of resignation:

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